An initial listing of the uncollected works of Clifford Duffy:works varied, hidden, fancy free forming different moods...his works real print, in audio, and video, the blog fictions and prose poetry... More to come and as always the author does exist and yet his function is not personal.


books slated for publication: format: print,ebook, etc.|Note


------------------------------------------------not so sure /about that e--eee booky thing/they kinda

gross an' cheap

part of disembodiment

3 printed books slated for publication: and ebook. that last category is less vivid as it includes what is known as the pdf which is not identical to the Ebook.

given  the state of my right eye   __ my ears will do fine. editing , as they say, is a tricky douche bag full of fun and puzzle, carnival and cape. around the block job between the aural and visual written seen.

editing in french is a marvelous prize!


letters of support from, and acknowledgements to be written .


The problem is editing on the road doesn't exactly fit my work habits. thank goodness for
the laptop ~.



Leibniz Fairytale



forth to come next spring. what's new /delays /in this bus/a part of the landscape/





Leibniz' Fairy Tale forthcoming



forth to come next spring. what's new /delays /in this bus/a part of the landscape/



100 Prose Poems
Clifford Duffy


 Orpheus Fairy Tale

Revision Word, 1991 London, England.

___illustrated from time to time by _____________ who has now passed from this world into the aether~

 The author now
gratefully acknowledges

lady duckwith and miss refckjoin
for financial
assistance and other favors
during the preparation
of the manuscript



Farewell Weather to Fine Friends ~

_________Mister d's wroted seconded book ~__________________________________________________________________________

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                                                  AMICUS No. 9786402

NLC COPIES: Preserv - off site - PS8557 U287 F37 1990 - NO ILL
NL Stacks - PS8557 U287 F37 1990 - Copy 2

NAME(S):*Duffy, Clifford, 1952-
TITLE(S): Farewell weather to fine friends / Clifford Duffy
PUBLISHER: Montréal : Vêtu Press, c1990.
DESCRIPTION: 52 p. ; 23 cm.

NOTES: Poems.
NUMBERS: Canadiana: 900096330
ISBN: 0969227213 : $8.95
Dewey: C811/.54 20



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Even the Bibliography of a writer is a poem, or fiction, something which plays at the edge. Blue Dog Plus Continuing Spaces Desiring Or... Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs2.5 Canada License.